About Us

The Cascade Difference

Our goal is to be the very best at advertising to the Gen Z audience. We constantly strive to improve and be on the cutting edge of advertising to this massively influential demographic. We recognize that this is also a very impressionable demographic, which is why we strongly adhere to our core value of Do The Right Thing, and we will only ever promote brands/organizations that have the best interests of Gen Z’s in mind.

Our Purpose: Build a cool company that promotes cool shit.


Meet the Team

Our Story

Cascade was born out of the company Glacier. Glacier is a company specializing in advertising higher educational institutions to high school students. It was at Glacier that the crazy idea was born to find the most influential high school students at every single school in North America, and work with them to promote really cool brands. And thus, Cascade was born.

Cascade is named after Cascade mountain near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Cascade mountain received its name because of the massive waterfall cascading over the front side of the mountain. Here at Cascade we are incredibly proud of our Albertan heritage as it is one of entrepreneurship, work ethic, strong morals, and living life full of adventure. The name Cascade was chosen as a homage to our roots in the rugged Rocky Mountains, and because micro influencers create a cascading message between themselves and their followers.

Our Values

Have Fun.

Life is too short to not have a blast every single day.

Do the Right Thing.

We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standard and treating everyone in our community the way we would like to be treated.

Be Competitive.

We strive to improve and we strive to win in everything we do.

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For Influencers

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