Cascade Micro-Influencer Network

The Cascade Micro-Influencer Network


The Cascade Micro-Influencer network is a revolutionary way for you to market to Millennials and Generation Z audiences. With our network of the most influential media savvy users in North America, we give you the unique ability to promote your brand directly through their online social circles. Welcome to the new era of in Influencer marketing.

Influence is About Authenticity, Personal Relationships, and the Drive to Empower Others

More so than any other demographic, teens are most likely to have their buying decisions influenced by their peers. Over 92% of teens make their buying decisions based on local influencers. For every 1 dollar invested in peer influencer marketing you get a $10 return. For every $1 spent on traditional advertising, you get a $2 return.

83% of customers, per a study by Nielsen, trust the recommendations of friends and family when making a purchase.

How It Works

We specifically select micro Influencers from our network that relate directly to your marketing goals. Whether you are looking to engage a niche audience with new programs, events, or general brand awareness, our Influencers will be your social media ambassadors. They won’t just post pictures, they will portray a compelling story to tell through all their social media channels and make a direct impact to a highly sought after market. The chart to the right shows the results we saw from 1 Instagram post our in Influencers did for a recent client.



Proposal AcceptanceCascade solidifies budget and concept.
1Influencer Selection: Based on your demographic, we select the best influencers for your brand.
2Creative: Our creative team generates custom content for your campaign.
3Content Distribution: Our influencers distribute the content to their audience.
4Measure Growth: Campaigns are fully measurable with insider analytics.
5Campaign Report: You will receive a case study and detailed performance report.
Phase 2With the information from your campaign report, we prepare your next campaign.